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Friday, September 12, 2014

08:30-09:10 Keynote Speaker

Martin Paldam

Simulating economics: Why is publication bias so common? (presentation)

09:10-11:00 Plenary Session I: Meta-Analysis Methods (Chair: Georgios Chortareas)

Robert Reed

Simulating meta-analysis estimators in the presence of publication bias (presentation)

Tom Stanley

A quarter century on: Where are we, and where are we going? (presentation)

Margaret Giles

The effectiveness of correctional education in reducing recidivism (presentation)

11:15-12:45 Plenary Session II: Environmental Economics (Chair: Chris Doucouliagos)

Randall Rosenberger

Modeling dependencies of wetland valuation estimates across space (presentation)

Allan Beltrán

Estimating the benefits from flood risk reduction (presentation)

Robert Johnston

Enhanced geospatial data for meta-analysis and benefit transfer (presentation)

14:15-15:30 Plenary Session III: Transition Economics (Chair: Martin Paldam)

Ichiro Iwasaki

Radicalism versus gradualism: A systematic review (presentation)

Jan Babecky

Structural reforms and growth in transition (presentation)

15:45-17:45 Parallel Session IA: Mostly Macroeconomics (Chair: Tom Stanley)

Pedro Bom

Sample overlapping in meta-analysis

Arbresh Mamudi

Fiscal multipliers (presentation)

Diana Žigraiová

The relationship between bank competition and financial stability

Salim Dehmej

Augmented Taylor rule versus macroprudential rule. What DSGE tell us?

Emeka Okoye

Income inequality and economic growth: Kuznets hypothesis

15:45-17:45 Parallel Session IB: Mostly Productivity (Chair: Randall Rosenberger)

Binyam Demena

Foreign direct investment and productivity spillovers in developing countries (presentation)

Mehmet Ugur

Innovation and employment at the firm and industry levels

Petr Polak

The productivity paradox

Andreas Schneck

Effectiveness conditions of incentives in self-administered surveys (presentation)

Sefa Awaworyi

Impact of microfinance on poverty and microenterprises

Saturday, September 13, 2014

09:00-10:30 Plenary Session IV: Finance (Chair: George Magkonis)

Chris Doucouliagos

Efficiency of Asian and Australasian stock markets.

Ann-Marie Nienaber

The impact of hostility, environmental munificence, dynamism and complexity on financial performance

10:45-12:45 Plenary Session V: Development Issues (Chair: Jan Babecky)

Maren Duvendack

Policies associated with in-country income inequality (presentation)

Piers Steel

Information, communication and technology and economic growth

Nikos Benos

Health and economic performance

14:00-14:40 Keynote Speaker

John Ioannidis

Credibility and empirical economics

14:40-16:00 Plenary Session VI: School and Marriage (Chair: Margaret Giles)

Jhon James Mora Rodriguez

On the size of the sheepskin effect

Megan de Linde Leonard

Male marriage wage premium

16:15-18:15 Parallel Session IIA: Growth (Chair: Mehmet Ugur)

Sridevi Yerrabati

Economic governance and economic growth in Asia & Pacific regions

Sefa Awaworyi

The effect of military expenditure on growth

Christian Bellak

Four in one: The effect of Bilateral Investment Treaties on FDI

Ensar Yesilyurt

Economic growth and military expenditures with spatial modeling

16:15-18:15 Parallel Session IIB: Education and Environment (Chair: Robert Johnston)

Ayaz Zeynalov

Natural resource richness and economic growth (presentation)

Refk Selmi

The nexus between electricity consumption and Economic growth

Nicolas Fleury

Intergenerational transmission of education

Jean-Christian Tisserand

The ultimatum game